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We cover an area from San Antonio to Lampasas and from Georgetown to Rocksprings. However, depending on the proposed project, we will take jobs almost anywhere in the state, although typically the farther away a job is the more expensive our rates will be to cover travel expenses for our employees. We have taken jobs all the way north to the Dallas and Fort Worth area. A service map can be found

We are insured with $2mm General Liability and $1mm Excess Liability coverage, and can serve you with complete confidence in safety measures for the unforeseen. As far as licensing, brush clearing and construction on rural property is not regulated. Areas that do require licensing revolve around chemical treatment of brush – which we are not licensed for currently. Until that time, we have trusted referrals that should be able to help you out.

Yes, our site visits and estimates are completely free.

Yes, we offer 5% off for active and retired military and first responder personnel.


Yes! One of the great benefits of mulching is that there are no risks of runaway fires and therefore no restrictions on clearing cedar brush in droughts or burn-bans. There is always the option of pushing and piling brush to be burned when the drought/burn-ban is over; however, Cactus Creeks mulching service can finish the project entirely during these periods. Outside of these periods, depending on the project, we can safely and securely burn brush/cedar  if the customer prefers.

Yes, however extremely rocky terrain may limit the mobility of our machines which would be problematic. And, depending on what type of rock and its density on the property, our rates may be adjusted to compensate for the appropriate change in wear and tear on our equipment.

Depends, there are grade limits that we will operate our equipment on both for the safety of our employees and equipment, as well as the efficiency to the land owner. Often, the significantly sloped areas require our hand-cutting crew to bring brush down to flatter areas to be mulched.

Typically, no. In smaller scoped projects, the nature of the work and relevant pictures may be enough to offer an estimate. However, seeing the site enables us to more confidently estimate the scope of the project as well as the nature of the work – terrain, brush type, density, size, and age – to accurately offer an estimate. For construction projects, we usually like to see the site for the project as well before offering an estimate. This policy is really to ensure complete transparency and accurate communication with the landowner.

We estimate and bill based on how many operating hours the job takes. This is why seeing the project site is important, because changes in brush density and size can significantly impact how many operating hours are required.

Inside our service area, our minimal mobilization fees are built into our rate structure.

We were raised in the Hill Country and treat our customers as part of our family. Our goal is to exceed your expectations while also maintaining full transparency with excellent communication. We are also fully insured and offer GPS reporting services.

On top of that, we are two young, educated and hungry guys with big ambitions.

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