Rock Milling

Make the most of
your land

Rock milling/rock crushing can be used for a variety of applications around the Hill Country where we have an abundance of rock. Our rock milling/crushing machine is the perfect unit to crush rock on ranch roads, fields for growing, around ponds, and building site preparation to provide smooth useable land. We also use the rock milling/crushing machine to build roads and infrastructure around ranches and properties. Our fast, efficient equipment and operators will get the job done quickly with a satisfying end-product.

With Cactus Creek’s Rock Milling/Crushing services in Kerrville, TX, and the Hill Country region, we’ve got all of your land clearing needs covered. If you have a special circumstance or you’re unsure if we can help, contact us using the information below.

Alongside our Rock Milling/Crushing services, we offer cedar mulching and mesquite clearing services and have worked in this region for years, so we’re familiar with the territory and can offer experienced suggestions for your specific situation.


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