Chain Saw/Hand Crew

Make the most of
your land

Here at Cactus Creek Land clearing we leverage whatever methods will provide you with the best outcome within your budget, often times that involves a hand crew/chain saw crew to come in and do the “finishing touches” on your jobsite. Our hand crew is unbelievable skilled at cutting underbrush and trimming oak trees. Whether the chain saw crew is used to feed the cedar mulchers or work independently manicuring your property the team we have assembled is going to get the job done on time and under budget.

The Hand crew uses chainsaws to:

  • Clear underbrush that the mulching machines might not be able to reach
  • Manicure your oak trees
  • Hand cut cedar trees to feed the mulching machine

Cactus Creek’s Role in Oak Wilt Prevention

Cactus Creek Chain Saw Crew will help eliminate unnecessary Oak wilt spread by painting the trimmed limbs, helping seal the freshly cut areas. We also take all precautions when it comes to our equipment, after each job we thoroughly clean all of the chainsaws/equipment to prevent location to location spread.

More About Cactus Creek

We’re a family-owned business and our owners were raised on the same type of land that we work on. We make a point to treat our customers as we would our own family or friends. Our excellent communication, attention to detail, and efficiency have earned us a 5-Star reputation in the Hill Country and we have been recognized by the community as the #1 land clearing company in the area by the

If you have questions about our Chain Saw/Hand Crew service or you have a special request, reach out to us! You can call us during our business hours at 830-285-6576 or visit our Contact page to fill out a form and we’ll get back to you soon.