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Cactus Creek Land Clearing’s land clearing service has won it multiple readers’ choice awards. We’re able to do so with our top of the line fleet of high horsepower forestry mulchers and uniformed operators. We’re proud of the reviews our customers have rated us and hope we can add you to that group.

Our cedar mulching service can clear land during almost any weather and climate, including droughts, and doesn’t leave stones or brush piles. Plus, our environmental friendly cedar mulching service recycles nutrients, prevents erosion of top soil, and keeps invasive species out.

Benefits of Land Clearing:

Why use our premium cedar mulching service?

The benefits of clearing land lay in the eye of the beholder, which depends on the customers’ reason’ for using Cactus Creek Land Clearing as their cedar mulching contractor.

For land owners, our affordable land clearing services provide a number of benefits, all of which increase value and enjoyment of the property.

  • First, Cactus Creek Land Clearing service opens up inaccessible acreage for what is often the rural property owner’s access and use to that part of their land. This provides more opportunity to enjoy the cleared land as they imagined.
  • Second, our efficient land clearing service fights the spread of Oak Wilt by removing the sick trees on their property. Brush clearing also results in more precious rain and ground water available for good hardwood tress by clearing out water-thirsty cedar trees.
  • Third, using Cactus Creek Land Clearing as your cedar mulching contractor to clear land will efficiently beatify your property with no burn piles or overturned subsurface rock.

For property developers and industrial companies who use Cactus Creek Land Clearing as their forestry mulching contractor, they receive premium land clearing that keeps their development project on budget and on time. Our dependable and fully insured cedar mulching service delivers the lot clearing, fence line clearing, right of way clearing, and pipe line clearing services that support profitable development and infrastructure projects..

Benefits of Rock Milling

Why use our premium rock milling service?

Customers use Cactus Creek Land Clearing as their rock crushing and rock removal contractor to grind surface rock and exposed subsurface rock into gravel right where they are. It often appears as though base rock or gravel was brought in, but without the extra cost.

Our efficient rock milling service increase the value, utility, and enjoyment of property.

  • First, Cactus Creek Land Clearing’s rock removal service turns bumpy and rocky roads smooth and easy to drive on.
  • Second, rock milling farm property will increase the utility by grinding and effectively removing rock from fields that they can then till, seed, and harvest without damaging their equipment. Depending on the amount of rock, it can even increase the yield of their harvest.

Who We Serve

Private Landowners

For most Hill Country property owners, cedar trees are an unavoidable incident to owning land. Unfortunately, cedar grows fast and dense and absorbs a substantial amount of the water from rain and underground that would otherwise be available for more desirable vegetation and wildlife. Cactus Creek can help you remove that burden by mulching wide swaths of your property, or by taking a selective approach to preserve as much as you see fit.


Both private and commercial developers in the Hill County inevitably need to remove cedar to open up the property for new homesites, roads, and fence lines. With Cactus Creek’s fleet of both small skid-steer cedar mulchers and the larger Barko cedar mulchers, together with our hand-crews, we can efficiently solve these problems to keep your development progressing on time and under budget.

Right-Of-Ways (ROWs)

Across the Hill Country, power grids and utility lines move energy products across and underneath property. Companies who build and maintain these lines require access to be able to do so, but often the land they cross is filled with cedar, brush, and oak trees. At Cactus Creek, we have the capability to clear the many miles required to ensure the right-of-way is easily accessible and stays that way.
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What makes Cactus Creek Land Clearing the right partner for you and your land improvement needs?

When you call Cactus Creek you will speak directly to the owner, Parks McNeil. Parks will personally meet you onsite to evaluate your request and your priorities. This personal introduction to you and your land will allow Parks to scope the work accurately for the health of the land and the outcome you desire.

Throughout the land improvement process, you will have a dedicated operator whom you can contact at your convenience. Regardless if you are looking to improve your land for sale, increase property value, or beautify it for your enjoyment, Cactus Creek Land Clearing is here to work with you to make your vision become a reality.

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  • Cedar Mulching

    Our high horsepower forestry mulchers shred cedar, trees, underbrush, cactus and more in a way that promotes healthy regrowth of grasses.
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  • Rock Milling

    Our rock milling/crushing machine is the perfect unit to crush rock on ranch roads, fields for growing, around ponds and building site preparation to provide smooth useable land.
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  • Chain Saw/Hand Crew

    Our hand crew is essential to clearing out underbrush and oak wilt in areas our equipment can’t reach to protect good hardwoods and leave them untouched.
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  • Right of Way Clearing

    From access easement to hundreds of miles of oil pipeline and highway clearing our premier operators can support your infrastructure needs.
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  • Mesquite Grubbing

    Mesquite Grubbing is the process of excavating the root systems of the trees while disturbing the soil as little as possible.
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